Emma Bloomfield


Emma studied at Birmingham University followed by a post graduate course at Webber Douglas. Starting her career on the Southbank at ITV’s London Studios, she quickly found her passion as an agent working with established agencies.  Filled with excitement and zeal to build a new-style agency, she launched Bloomfields Welch in 2004. The ethos was to provide a home for extraordinary talent, where ambitions were personally matched and delivered; a place without the constraints of over subscribed clients, obligatory financial targets, or layers of bureaucracy. Emma’s vision was then as it is now - to have clients working in all areas of the industry at the highest level in both the UK and internationally, fulfilling their aspirations.

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Emma’s loves include: theatre, cinema, travel, making desserts and eating desserts.

Emma’s kindred dog loves: licking her family’s fur clean and taking walks on the red carpet.

Barnaby Doggo.jpg

Barnaby Welch


Barnaby grew up in South Africa, where he was a successful child actor. Over 10 years, Barnaby starred in numerous television series and theatre productions. In 1989, he won the South African equivalent of the BAFTA, the “Artes Award” for his performance in the TV series “The Sea Tiger”. In 2001, after finishing school, Barnaby moved to London and began working in community law, specialising in work with refugees and people with HIV/AIDS. During this time, Barnaby completed a degree in film theory and, realising his love was with all things film-related, started a film criticism website, which he ran for 5 years. In Jan 2005, Barnaby joined Bloomfields Welch Management and continues to love his work discovering new talent and managing actors’ careers.

Barnaby’s loves include: cinema, contemporary art and design, music and cycling.

Barnaby’s kindred dog loves: long naps in the sunshine and chewing on a great big bone. 



Clare Partridge


After attempting to act and sing whilst doing a degree in Drama at The University of Hull, Clare soon realised that she was better off (as was everyone else) staying very much out of the limelight. Following a brief stint at a Theatre Marketing Agency, Clare skipped to the more creative side of the industry and joined Diamond Management where she relished working alongside the team, building on already established careers and nurturing new talent. 

Clare’s loves include: theatre, cinema, cooking, drag queens and a good pub quiz.

Clare’s kindred dog loves: Napping and throwing shade...

Olly doggo 2.jpg

 Oliver Sands


Olly joined Bloomfields Welch after completing a degree in film with First Class Honours, where he specialised in screenwriting. In his second year he met a guest lecturer who happened to be an agent, and after quickly grilling him, he realised nurturing and managing talent was a career he wanted to work towards. After graduating, he moved to London and successfully completed the Bloomfields Welch internship, where he plans to grow his career and earn his stripes as an agent, while assisting the senior agents in the company.

Olly’s loves include: food, exercise, and being told he’s a good boy.

Olly’s kindred dogs loves: food, exercise… and being told he’s a good boy.